#PAMM Hosts Augmented Reality Night

In 2016, Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places and The John. S and James L. Knight Foundation commissioned Lapse, a major public art commission by Miami native, Charlotte-based artist Ivan Toth Depeña.

Lapse currently consists of 5 interwoven components: The Visions & The Collective, a series of publically accessible murals and scattered-site interventions, The Sounds, a GPS-based audio soundscape discoverable on Miami’s downtown MetroMover, The Writings, a virtual walking prose experience in Museum Park, and The Sculpture, an augmented experience triggered by a public sculpture, Arc, located at the Northeast Dade-Aventura Branch Library.

Join Art in Public Places Thursday, January 4 and experience Ivan Toth Depeña’s augmented reality artwork at @PAMM Free Community Night: Tech Takeover for a tech-filled evening showcasing the best of Miami’s emerging tech start-ups. Catch cutting-edge presentations on the different ways technology is transforming our community and an interactive tech showcase featuring some of Miami’s biggest tech players.

This public artwork, created by Depeña in collaboration with Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer, consists of a virtual prose experience throughout Museum Park at over 10 GPS activated points. Mayer worked with Depeña to reveal “excerpts” from a fictional notebook on such topics as time, memory, love, consciousness and reality. To experienceThe Writings, stand facing Museum Park and look through the display screen of a mobile device while the Lapse APP is activated. Walk towards orange circular markers that reveal themselves in the landscape. Upon encountering an orange marker at a close distance, the marker will transform into text.

Continuing this city-wide augmented reality artwork by Ivan Toth Depeña, The Collective is a mural at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus and series of markings at unexpected locations throughout the city. As a collaborative effort between Depeña and 19 artists, The Collectivefeatures original images by Kevin Arrow, John Bailly, Natalia Bailly, Domingo Castillo, Dana Doherty, Jim Drain, Alan Gutierrez, Stephen Haynes, Moira Holohan, Kelley Johnson, Justin H. Long, Chris Pacetti, Isaac Payne, Nathan Selikoff, Barron Sherer, John Simon Jr, Matt Steele, Todd Stewart, Wendy Wischer.

To access the Lapse APP for The Collective at Wolfson Campus:

  1. Visit lapsemiami.com on your smartphone to download the application
  2. Tap on the icon on the map corresponding with the artwork and navigate to that location
  3. Hold your smartphone as though taking a picture of the mural or trigger image. To see different images, point your device towards the ground, and then raise it back up to the trigger. Different images will appear each time.

Click image above to view Lapse informational video: Download the Lapse mobile APP at www.lapsemiami.com

Connecting each of these components is Lapse, a custom mobile application which Depeña created with the help of The Heavy Projects.Through groundbreaking augmented reality (AR), technology, Lapse responds to triggers and activates each of the components by revealing virtual and auditory experiences with a mobile device’s camera lens and sound output.

Dissolving the boundaries of physical reality and an alternative, virtual world, Lapse imagines a disruption of real-world time and space where artificial intelligence surpasses that of humans. Lapse creates a space to both revere and meditate on our increasingly technologically entwined lives.

Please find more information about the full evening of cutting-edge presentations on the different ways technology is transforming our community here. Join 6-7pm (augmented reality tour) and 7-9pm (presentations in PAMM auditorium). Free and open to the public. Space in auditorium is limited. First come, first seated.

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