Miami’s Tech Scene 101

Silicon Valley may be the world’s crib of technology but it isn’t the only place you can see entrepreneurs and techies hammering away at their computer keys. In Miami, the tech industry is growing and always active.

Image Courtesy of Refresh Miami

Miami Tech

One of the most attractive events in Miami’s tech industry is the “Miami Bitcoin Hackathon” where tech companies and coders get together and brainstorm producing ideas and apps that implement the newest currency of today, the Bitcoin. As stated on, these marathons began in 2015 and throughout the years, the tech community of Miami has incremented the use of bitcoins into its tech. These marathons have awarded over 75 bitcoins to different tech companies that have participated in these hackathons.

Coding Bootcamp

Another big Miami tech attraction is the coding bootcamp found in Wynwood, Miami. The first coding bootcamp that Miami ever had was the “Wyncode Academy”, they recently announced an app launched by their ui/ux program for Miami’s new MLS soccer team. Recently “23 code street” tweeted that wyncode have been aiming to have classes with an equal gender split, this is the first step to create equality in a male-dominated industry.

500 Startups in Miami

The tech industry goes hand in hand with the entrepreneurial industry. One of the waves that is taking over Miami right now is known is a collaboration of “Refresh Miami” and “500 Startups”. This massive tech community known as “Refresh Miami” is hosting info sessions along with the VC firm “500 Startups” to teach up and coming startups to market themselves correctly. These info sessions aim to create networking, demonstrate what tools are at your fingertips that can help you create exposure and to solidify your startup’s identity.

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