@ModelVolleyball Q&A with Nat & Liv

Are you excited for the tourney?  

N: We are excited to be in Miami for Hawkers Model Volleyball.  It has become one of those events that has become a staple in Miami,  so we can’t wait to see what it’s about

 O: The event has gotten lots of hype, so we are happy to be here for this weekends events. It’s much more then a tournament & they have really some of the best of the best of Miami supporting them. 


What do you like to do when you are in Miami? 

N: We love the vibe in Miami and theres so much to do.  I am more of the creative so I really identify with the art aspect of Miami.  I love the deco buildings, and even how Wynwood has really developed as a top art district.

 O: Miami is one of the best cities. It is the perfect mix of New York and LA. There is always something going on in Miami, the food, the culture,  fitness, fashion – there is always something new to do, and the city just keeps evolving.  There is a reason why people from all over come to vacation here. 

The Bvddy Wall was a highlight of the event. Bvddy is an app that connects people through sports.

Are you a good volleyball player? If so what position? 

We grew up our whole lives playing sports.  We are actually more tomboys than people realize, but this weekend we will be more of a cheerleader from the sidelines type, although we will be wanting to get on the court and play 


What else will you be doing? 

N: We will be hosting a Chatter for the Jack Brewer Foundation which is a really fun way to raise charity.  The tournament raises money for Jack Brewer which is such a great cause. 

 O: Other than that we will be enjoying the tournament and taking some time to relax. 


What is going on with your career right now? 

N + O : Currently we are filming season 3 of WAGS, and working on our blog JeromebyNatLiv.com. We are filming some new youtube videos and are currently designing our own clothing line that we can’t wait to share with you. 


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