Hometown Hero: Lavonte David

In only his 4th NFL season, Lavonte “The Flash” David is making a name for himself as
one of the quickest and most respected up-and-coming young stars in the
National Football League. Lavonte was born and raised in Miami and spends
much of his off season time with family, friends and riding his bicycle
around town. We, at MMM, got a chance to ask Lavonte some questions about his roots:


 1. In what ways did Miami shape who you are as both a player and a person today?

Miami has had a huge impact on me, being raised in Miami there is such a mix of cultures and lifestyles it’s a great place to grow up. I learned to play and work with people from all walks of life. I came from a rough neighborhood, so to look back on where I came from and where I am today, it is very humbling. Miami is always alive, going and moving and that’s how I try to be as a player, never stagnant always moving, improving, evolving.

2. What are your favorite things about the city of Miami?

I love everything about Miami but I love that there is always something to do, you can never be bored in Miami. There is good food everywhere, I love going to the beach, hanging out on the boardwalk, people watching, there is always something happening.

Lavonte played college football at Nebraska.

Wynwood is really up and coming I like checking out what’s going on there, all the cultures mixing together is very cool.

3. Tampa isn’t Miami, but is it still nice to be able to stay in South Florida?

Oh yes, very nice! Especially for me, I was away for college in the Midwest so being able to escape that cold weather and come back to South Florida, close to my home and family is a blessing.

4. What do you do in Miami in the offseason to stay ready for the season?

Of course I am always working out, I train 4 times a week. My friends and I will ride bikes all over downtown and the beach to get a cardio workout in, that’s always fun. But my main reason for spending my offseason home in Miami is because I need that off time to be with my family and friends. They keep me balanced and I always feel ready for the next season after some time at home with the people I love most.

5. What are your favorite places to visit and eat in Miami?

In Wynwood there is a place called Kush they have the best burgers! I also eat at a lot of soul food places, one of my favorites is Finga Lickin, you gotta try it.

6. Being that we’re Midtown Miami Magazine, do you have any memories of favorite spots in Midtown Miami?

The Midtown Miami shops! I love people watching, so thats a nice spot to walk around, check out the shops and enjoy the beautiful weather.


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