Eco-friendly Design Choices for the Millennial Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting step in life.  Building, designing, and decorating your house can be a special project that reflects your personality and values.  Unlike previous generations that were met with limited choices in home construction, millennials have the fortune of facing a plethora of building options.  Why settle for traditional materials when there are exquisite design options that meet your style and standards?  Create your dream living space with these eco-friendly design choices ideal for the millennial homeowner.

Fiber Cement House Siding

Siding is one of the first things people notice on your house, so it’s worth it to invest in a great, eco-friendly product that maintains a magnificent appearance.  If you love the classic and cozy look of wood exterior but have practical concerns on upkeep and safety, fiber cement house siding can be an excellent alternative.  This design choice offers the beautiful aesthetic of wood siding integrated with smart innovation.  Fiber cement house siding is highly weather resistant, making it a great defense against rain, hail, and wind.  This same technology allows the siding to be insect resistant, too, so you won’t see the holes that riddle older houses.  Also, fiber cement siding is much less flammable than traditional wood, putting your mind at ease from potential hazard.  This design choice is available in a variety of layouts, colors and textures.

Modified Wood Decking

Another supreme design choice that is perfect for millennial homeowners is modified wood decking.  There’s nothing better than kicking back with friends out on the patio.  Likewise, there’s nothing worse than noticing that the patio is wobbly, warped, frayed, splintered, and possibly unstable!  Make sure your deck provides an awesome and safe atmosphere for gatherings by selecting quality materials that won’t let you down.  Modified wood decking offers the stunning look of solid wood while providing increased assurance in performance.  Carefully treated to withstand any of the elements that Mother Nature throws its way, this eco-friendly material has been crafted to provide longstanding durability.  Stunning and steady, modified wood decking is a sustainable design choice that is excellent for the patio, terrace, or wraparound porch waiting to complement your home.

Bamboo Panels

There are fantastic eco-friendly alternatives on the market for decorating the interior of your home, too.  Bamboo panels are a notable option for creating a flattering interior wall space that emanates tranquility.  This design choice strikes a lovely balance of invoking an eco-friendly atmosphere while also displaying a modern aesthetic, resulting in an ambiance that simply won’t go out of style.  Easy to install and available in a spectrum of colors, bamboo panels feature a subtle wood grain that complements a variety of design choices—perfect for the millennial homeowner who likes to redecorate from time to time.  Select a dark, rich tone for a lavish appearance, or try a softer, blonde color to create a light and airy space.  Bamboo panels create a fresh look that will surely contribute to the relaxation your home will provide.

Curved Islands

Stylish design choices aren’t reserved for walls and patios!  Create a modern look in your kitchen with the addition of a curved island.  This furniture feature creates extra countertop space that is practical for meal prep, conversation sharing and home décor displays, like floral centerpieces.  Traditional, rectangular islands can be blocky crowd the room.  On the contrary, a curved plywood island is a great design option for the millennial homeowner, as it exudes a sleek attention to aesthetic.

Create your ideal living space by investing in materials that are both beautiful and durable.  Experience the excitement of building a home by taking the time to consider these eco-friendly design choices that are simply perfect for millennial homeowners


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