The Best Modern Tech for Real Estate

It seems there is no area of life that isn’t impacted by technology. Although new and emerging technology may apply to and affect different fields in a wide variety of ways, there’s no doubt that every field is affected. In some cases, technology can cause problems. But in many fields, new technology serves to solve age-old problems, or lighten the workload for employees and employers. If you’re in the real estate game, here are some of the most innovative and functional tech add-ons that can make your life easier.

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Mortgage calculators

Whether you’re an individual looking to buy a home yourself, or an agent looking to sell a home, it’s crucial to be informed on home prices and mortgage payments. Mortgage payment calculators, which can be found in website versions and as apps, can provide you with a wealth of information. Simply input the relevant information (including the selling price of the home, the length of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage), and the calculator will tell you how much your monthly or biweekly payments will be. Mortgage calculators can also tell you how much sooner the mortgage will be repaid if you increase these payments by a given amount.


This tool can be incredibly helpful for potential home buyers, especially when it comes down to making actual decisions about which home to buy. A mortgage calculator can take a home’s selling price from abstract to concrete and comprehensible.


Cameras for sellers

If you or your client is selling a home instead of buying, then likely one of the biggest headaches in the process is showings. Since sellers have to be out of the house during showings, it can be a significant imposition on their lives. However, there’s tech for sellers that can help minimize this headache, through motion-activated cameras that allow a seller to know exactly when the showing begins and ends. This way, though showings are not entirely avoided, the seller can at least return to their home as soon as the showing has actually ended (as opposed to waiting for the scheduled end time to arrive).


In addition, cameras can add an extra level of comfort for a seller who is worried about their home being treated poorly during a showing.


Scheduling apps for firms and individual agents

Busy real estate agents may find it difficult to make sure that they don’t miss a showing or a client meeting, especially when multiple appointments are scheduled back-to-back throughout the day. To ensure that meetings aren’t missed, and to create the best possible experience for sellers, buyers, and agents, it’s important to keep an easy-to-follow schedule. Shared digital calendars and online scheduling systems can help this become a reality. For instance, an agent can make shared calendars with each of their clients, so that both the agent and the client are clear on when and where each showing will take place. Then, if there is any confusion, both parties can consult the same calendar — instead of relying on independent calendars that may not actually line up.


When showings and appointments get mixed up, it adds an extra headache and an extra obstacle to successful real estate dealings. Technology can help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, from home buying to selling, and everything in between.



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