Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Miami

A new era is upon us. We are living in times where health has finally been coming to the forefront of many people’s minds, including the younger generations. With all the new information we have been receiving through the media concerning the damages of animal consumption on the human anatomy and the planet from documentaries like “What the Health”, Ted Talks and even from groups such as the World Health Organization, we are experiencing a huge shift in the way many individuals see food and the effects it has on their body and the environment.

With that said, many people have now been making a conscious decision to explore the Vegan lifestyle and give it a shot. After all why not? If we have an opportunity to heal ourselves and our planet through the choices we make in our everyday lives we should all jump on the bandwagon and join forces to make the health of the planet and population thrive. So if you are interested yet have no idea where to start or how to explore the Vegan world, do not worry!

I have put together a list of the top 5 vegan restaurants in South Florida that are sure to convince you that there is an entire new world of eating after leaving animal products. A list so good it will make you wonder why you didn’t try this sooner. A list that will have you eating the food of the gods.

 Plant + Food + Wine

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Brought to you by world known Chef Matthew Kenney we present to you an oasis of plant based meals that with every bite and taste will make you forget about every dish with animals you’ve ever had. High end raw cuisine and a must try for all who are curious about the vegan lifestyle. Top notch service and an incredible knowledgeable staff that will explain to you what every dish consists of in extravagant detail. They even come equipped with an Eco friendly bar that serves you amazing juices and cocktails, beers, and wine while being in harmony with the environment because every ounce of alcohol there is a specialty of vegan delight. Located in Wynwood, PFW offers a very natural relaxed atmosphere and a menu that will make you want to live in their kitchen forever.


Green Bar and Kitchen 


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Located in Fort Lauderdale, for those who make trips a bit more north of Miami we bring you Green Bar and kitchen. Phenomenal and casual with a menu to die for. Burgers, tacos, steaks……what????!?! Yes you read right. GBK brings you some of the best vegan burgers, tacos and yes steaks in town. People are raving about their menu and the best part is it’s not so harsh on the pockets especially for the quality of food one gets when they visit this vibrant health forward and friendly joint.


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Are you convinced that perhaps tradition makes it hard to keep animal products off the plate? If this is the case please hurry on over to Veganaroma that brings to you a menu full of Italian goodness minus the animals. Yes, their vegan Italian influenced menu offers dishes such as Lasagna, Ravioli, Pizzas, Bruschetta, Paninos and an incredible dessert selection. If you are an addict of Italian cuisine and the thought of being Vegan makes your foodie heart fill with fear at the thought of “never” being able to have these goodies again, you are in the best of luck!! Come and enjoy this ravishing selection of vegan Italian dishes and you will quickly learn to love compassion over tradition overnight.

Atlas meat –free Deli

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For those that cannot picture life without meat, well you can now and you won’t even care! I present to you Atlas meat-free deli a southern bbq style food truck where you can find a variety of faux meats to help you discover a new world and help you transition from carnivore to herbivore easily. Meatballs, sausage, subs, tenders, melts, burgers. Ever thought you could hear all those words and have no meat involved? Well your dreams have come true. Located in Miami AMFD brings you many classic animal based dishes entirely plant based and finger licking good. They provide great service and even do catering for events. So stand up and rejoice and start making meal plans for that next event party at your place of work or for a birthday! AMFD will deliver quality and compassion in the best of ways.

Holi Vegan Kitchen

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Last but never least! We have Holi Vegan Kitchen coming at you from Aventura (North Miami) and Holi smokes! This beautiful establishment is owned by the most unpredictable cast of characters one could ever imagine. A family from Argentina. Yes it is true. Though Argentina is known as a heavy hitting meat industry this family has stepped up to the plate, literally, and said forget tradition and culture it is time for the future. Their approach is ancient healing vibes and let food be thy medicine as it should always be. Incredible breakfast, lunch, dinner and tapas options. Wine and beer too. They specifically focus on food with a holistic approach hence the name Holi Vegan Kitchen and you will feel right at home in their peaceful and earthy atmosphere they provide along with dishes that will make you feel new from the inside out.

So there you have it my fellow health driven curious cats. My personal top 5 suggestions for everyone who is looking to just try and see what all the fuzz is about and for those who truly want to take the plunge and begin to cut down their animal consumption and transition from omnivore to herbivore. All of these restaurants are a must so put them in your plans this week or in the weeks to come and discover a new dimension of foods with your taste buds. As a collective consciousness we must all take into consideration what foods do to us and our beautiful planet. The animals will surely appreciate it the most and so many habitats can thrive and be preserved if we all begin to make a shift to more conscious consumption. Take charge of your health and put compassion on that plate! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you in the most beautiful ways.


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