Rokk3r Building Entrepreneurs in Wynwood

One thing that’s a great resource for budding entrepreneurs and business minds looking for partners is a creative space to put thoughts, ideas and collaborations into practice. Rokk3er Labs, which just moved its headquarters to Miami’s Wynwood Art District, is a great place to do just that. Not only is it a space for creatives to go, but it’s the world’s first ‘cobuilding’ platform for entrepreneurs, corporations and investors to create startups. With a portfolio of working with 41 companies and counting, Rokk3r Labs increases value, mitigates risk and helps to remain at the edge of innovation.

“Rokk3r Labs is very much a premier venture builder spreading across the globe with offices in London, Bogotá, Mexico City and Toronto with our proprietary co-building approach,” said Juan Montoya, Rokk3r Labs’ Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Many people may wonder why Rokk3r Labs would move their headquarters to a place like Wynwood, when they have locations in places like London and Mexico City. Wynwood is a symbolic choice for Rokk3r Labs because of its “world-leading” art ethos and is a city with a great and unique personality. Anyone who drives through the city could tell that much with the artwork on the

Rokk3r Labs Creative Work Space Wynwood


buildings and people from all walks of life roaming the streets. Sharing Wynwood’s dynamic attitude and drive, they “plan to meld Wynwood’s artistic spirit with the scientific method of company building.”

Lorenzo de Leo, Rokk3r Labs’ Managing Director, says the move into Wynwood gives the drive needed to blend art and technology to further connect minds on a global scale.

“We wanted to create more private work spaces alongside open, collaborative, areas, to help our team members find the best work environment for them,” continued Lorenzo de Leo. “Now we plan to have dedicated space – dubbed the Decompression Zone – to help people relax, meditate and more.”


Rokk3r Labs Wynwood


As an addition to the Decompression Zone, the new office will have an area dedicated to learning, a rooftop patio and a Global Dashboard in the main work area. All of these additions will further facilitate the goal of Rokk3r Labs and help entrepreneurs, corporations and creative minds to connect and grow.

With Rokk3r Labs joining Wynwood, it hopes to be a part of the community and a place where Wynwood community members could grow their ideas.


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