JAX: Miami’s First Celebrity Roast

Miami is about to have its first ever JAX Celebrity Roast with DJ Irie being the target of discussion. TV host and courtside reporter for the Miami HEAT telecasts on Fox Sports, and also the producer and executive director of JAX Celebrity Roast, Jason Jackson, will be hosting the event at the EPIC Hotel in Downtown Miami on October 22nd.

Jackson chose DJ Irie to be his first victim and invited several celebrities to roast him and an audience to witness.

I’m pleased to announce our debut of the JAX Celebrity Roast in October,” said Jason Jackson in a press release. “Irie is not only a great friend but one of our most idolized DJ personalities nationwide and South Florida’s icon of the entertainment industry. His career has reached new heights but we think it’s time for him to take a tumble and meet his demise. We couldn’t have chosen a more sporting character to kick-off our first annual Celebrity Roast, and we look forward to welcoming our celebrity roasters and audience guests to the EPIC Hotel.”



Jackson promises attendees an evening full of “comedy and plenty of blows below the belt.”

There will be a hand-picked selection of celebrity roasters who will take to the stage and subject Irie to “unadulterated and uncensored torment.” Jason Jackson and DJ Irie will be making sure that the invited roasters don’t say anything that is off limits as they prepare their own notes. Unfortunately, the list of participating roasters haven’t been announced yet, so that’s soon to come.

Jax Celebrity Roast midtown miami

Among the audience will be ticket holders, invited family and friends of Irie, and the Foundation. Everyone will enjoy a pre-show reception after a celebrity and VIP red carpet ceremony. The audience is expected to be intimate, holding about 200 guests.

The event starts at 7 p.m. on October 22, 2016. Tickets are available at www.JaxCelebrityRoast.com, starting at $75.

All of the proceeds from the annual JAX Celebrity roast will go to each honoree’s favorite charity or personal foundation. Proceeds raised during the inaugural 2016 event will go towards the Irie Foundation, a foundation that seeks to empower at-risk youth to lead productive lives through cultural experiences, educational initiatives, mentorship programs and scholarship opportunities.


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