How to Keep Your Joints and Muscles on Point in Miami

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Here are five physical activities that you can do each day in Miami to stay healthier, per physical therapists. And even better, we have split up these activities based on five neighborhoods of Miami, so you can get around the entire city while you are working out!

  1. Walking on South Beach

Walking by the beach is one of those incredible Miami experiences that everyone should try. Not only do you get a great workout, but it is a scenic area! Walking is great for your cardiovascular system, while it helps boost the mobility in your muscles and joints without the stress of sprinting or jogging. You may think walking is only for the elderly, but even young people can benefit from walking decent distances a few times a week.

  1. Bicycling Around Wynwood

Do you enjoy biking? If so, you are in luck. Biking is one of those activities that is great for your body. Not only is it a quicker way of getting around, but it is low-impact and very easy on your joints. You will feel in better shape because your leg muscles get toned and strengthened. In addition, you will experience much less morning stiffness in your body if you are biking regularly, and your mobility will improve too.

  1. Find a Gym in Midtown Miami

You may prefer to work out in the outdoors, but sometimes going to the gym is necessary. You do not need to life massive amounts of weights, but some weight training is necessary if you want to improve your overall health. By slowly building up the strength in your muscles, you will be healthier, fitter and you will even burn more calories in a day – so you can eat a bit more and stay in great shape!

  1. Find a Swimming Pool in Coconut Grove

Everyone loves to swim in the summer. But when you live in Miami, you can swim all year around! Find a swimming pool in the Coconut Grove area and you can get a great workout in just 30 or 45 minutes. By doing laps, you are not only helping with issues like joint pain and stiffness, but you improve your cardiovascular health. If you recently suffered an injury, swimming is a great way to get back into the workout routine, instead of going straight to biking or the gym!

  1. Join a Yoga Class in Coral Gables

Even though you may think Yoga is boring and unchallenging, it is the opposite. A proper Yoga session is seriously demanding, and it works out all the right areas to help with your joints and muscles. Yoga helps with flexibility and movement a great deal, while it also means you will perform better at any other activities you are doing.

If you are worried about the health of your joints or muscles, or you are recovering from a recent injury, you may want to book an appointment at Bosh Physical Therapy. Therapists can help you heal quicker from serious injuries, while they can recommend specific activities that will help with long-term pain, stiffness or other joint/muscle issues.


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