Governor Rick Scott Honors Two Venture Hive Entrepreneurs

Florida Governor Rick Scott hosted the 2017 Jobs Summit in Orlando on February 2-3, 2017 and brought together business, education, economic development and community leaders from across Florida. Topics discussed included how to keep bringing new jobs to Florida and ensuring positive statewide economic development.unnamed (3)

Governor Scott was quoted saying, “The 2017 Jobs Summit will connect business, education, economic development and community leaders to discuss the best ways to bring more jobs to our state.”

Venture Hive resident entrepreneurs Steve Calle (Co-Founder and CEO of Snow Lizard Products) and Matthew Levenson (Founder and CEO of Moocho) were among four business leaders recognized during the two-day jobs summit.  Steve and Matthew were awarded Governor’s Medals for their work in building companies that have positively contributed to the rapidly growing Florida economy. Congratulations to Matthew, Steve, and the other recipients of the Governor’s Medals!unnamed (4)

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