#CraftBeer taking on the Big Boys

Houston, Texas/United States – June 26, 2017── What would you say is the #1 issue for craft breweries? Would you guess temperature controlled freight and shipping, high dollar product placement, or marketing and advertising? The answer, all of the above. If all of these were combined into one word, the word would be, access. Access to refrigerated trucks, a supply chain of temperature controlled transportation, freight and shipping, and unlimited marketing and advertising dollars. “Big beer companies have billions of dollars, they can buy people. But the global craft beer community is made up of a billion people, with buyer influence,” said Brooke Sinclair, Head of Strategic Implementation at Velour Imports.


Velour Imports is a technology-based export management company created to protect the livelihood of craft manufacturers and it’s raising awareness of equal opportunity in a big way. The organization’s focus is to uphold the natural hierarchy of status amongst America’s craft breweries. By using the same tools of the trade big beers’ use, minus an unlimited marketing and advertising budget. Choosing to bypass the traditional brick-and-mortar business model, Velour utilizes third-party logistics companies to escort pallets of orders directly from the manufacturer, consolidated at the harbor, and then shipped overseas.


Already enlisted on the adventure of a lifetime are the award-winning, and internationally recognized, brands Aspen Brewing Company, Church Street Brewing, Oceanside Ale Works, and Portland Cider. Which means a bevy of America’s most delicious, hoppy, and freshly-made craft beers, wines, ciders, and spirits may be available on your next vacation in Trinidad, Barbados, or the Cayman Islands.


As Sinclair put it, there’s no ‘organic’ sticker for beer. She continued, “Customers have no way of telling if the beer in the store is truly genuine craft beer.” Therefore, this fall the company is championing an awareness campaign to inform American craft breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries that global distribution just got easier. And at the same time, raise awareness amongst locals and tourists of the arrival of genuine craft beer being served in a growing number of luxury resorts, restaurants, and grocery retail stores throughout the Caribbean, Central, and Southern American regions.


Headquartered in Houston, Velour Imports is a technology based export management company. More information about the company can be found at www.velourimports.org. If you would like to know how you can support the distribution of genuine craft beverages, please contact Velour Imports at info@velourimports.org.

wp-1499846370190.pngPress Contact: Brooke Sinclair Velour Imports Phone/Fax 888-935-3120 info@velourimports.org


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