Top Local Bands in Miami #Crowdsourced

After taking a crowd-sourced poll on Facebook to determine the people of Miami’s favorite local band we were certainly not shocked to see some the names that popped up but were happily surprised to see such a variety of genre’s, styles and influences. Below you’ll find the entire crowdsourced list with # of votes in parenthesis so you can see it in all it’s glorious transparency as the real deal Holyfield:

  1. Psychic Dove
  2. Muning
  3. Night Young
  4. Snowmoon
  5. Pans Permia
  6. Drawing Bored (2)
  7. Magic City Hippies (3)
  8. Jay Blue
  9. Jacuzzi Boys
  10. Locos por Juana (2)
  11. Ketchy Schuby
  12. Brasoul
  13. Art Official
  14. Palo! (2)
  15. Domino Saints
  16. Spam All Stars (2)
  17. Native Youth
  18. Black & Creme
  19. Mynah
  20. Romper Room
  21. DJ Angeloso and the Marlins Salsa Band
  22. Los Herederos
  23. Mr Haka
  24. Dutch Hippies

The one thing we can surely say about this arroz con mango of a list is that it expresses the eclectic and diverse range of people and cultures that exist in our beautiful city…the New Miami.

Don’t agree with this list? Want to make your own suggestions? Add them to the comments section below.


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