Top Artists in Miami #Crowdsourced

Be careful what you ask for because you may get something completely unexpected and different than what you wanted. That is today’s lesson. In true MMM fashion we wanted to know who the best artists were in Miami and hence asked all of our friends through a simple Facebook question. As the cascade of comments flooded the post thread we realized that the term ‘artist’ in this city means something different to everybody. While some tagged their friends (or themselves), others tagged traditional canvas based artists, musicians, poets, singers, bands, tattoo artists while others simply took advantage in true social troll mode to throw some sarcasm at the matter (we got Pitbull a couple times).

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Reserving all judgements in creating a top-anything list that is biased and questionable we decided that we would compile the list exactly as it was created on the thread! So review the list, see some names you know, see some you don’t but more importantly explore this cornucopia of talent found in our beautiful city:

  1. Michael Garcia
  2. TiTo Medero
  3.  Rita Noda
  4. Yannique Barker
  5. JaRae Womack
  6. Myke Woo
  7. Kristof Galas
  8. Otto von Schirach
  9. Joseph Wouters
  10. Rick Moon
  11. Tariq
  12. Darwing Perez
  14. Daygee Kwia
  15. Paperwater
  16. Emeric Dally
  17. Wolf Story
  18. Toto Gonzalez
  19. Mr. Pauer
  20. Mario De Los Santos
  21. Telescope Thieves
  22. The Love Below
  23. Floyd Heglichs
  24. Floyd the Rock Artist
  25. Yoli Mayor
  26. Pitbull
  27. Juleisy Karla
  28. Alessandra Mondolfi
  29. Belaxis Buil
  30. Kurt Fowl
  31. Carlos Betancourt
  32. Etienne Class
  33. Lebo
  34. !Mayday!
  35. Miguel Paredes
  36. Alexander Anthony Mijares
  37. Daniel Fila
  38. Alex Yanes
  39. Andrew A. Antonaccio
  40. Nicole Salgar
  41. Gabriel Gimenez
  42. Antuan Art
  43. Abebe Lewis
  44. Ted Kay
  45. Jose Mertz
  46. Frankie Coletto
  47. Alex Yanes
  48. Renda Writer
  49. Ahol Sniffs Glue
  50. Paloma Dueñas
  51. Carla Fuentes
  52. Marcel
  53. Mister E
  54. Ahol Sniffs Glue
  55. Victor Payares
  56. Claudio Picasso
  57. Laura Chirino

The one thing we can surely say about this collection of ‘artists’ both visual, sonic or otherwise is that in this city, when you think of Art…it goes beyond canvas, beyond genre and beyond the categories of old Miami as we build the vibrant New Miami!


Don’t agree with this list? Want to make your own suggestions? Add them to the comments section below.


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