Behind the Scenes at OFM Talent: Miami’s Hottest DJ Agency

By Miya J. Williams


Years in the Making

OFM Talent has risen to become a multifaceted nightlife and entertainment talent agency. If you’re a regular at any of Miami’s exclusive clubs, chances are you have danced to the music of one of the 15 DJ’s OFM represents.

“I was lucky enough to just fall into it, I was new to the industry and had a lot to learn and now our DJ’s are spinning 30 dates per week all over the world,” is how Alana Burstyn, owner of OFM talent, reflected on the Midtown Miami-based company’s five-year anniversary. With a background in marketing, Alana and a previous co-owner launched OFM Talent to link DJs with nightclubs and their exclusive corporate clientele, they are now active in nearly every major U.S. and international market. On a given night, one OFM DJ can be spinning a wedding in Mexico, while another packs the room at an L.A. nightclub. On every night you will find several OFM DJ’s spinning at Miami nightclubs.

I was lucky enough to just fall into it, I was new to the industry and had a lot to learn and now our DJ’s are spinning 30 dates per week all over the world”


Relationship Goals

A year into the business, Eric Hower joined the company. Eric brings 15 years of nightlife experience to the table, so with that experience alone, Alana decided to join forces with him and continue on with OFM. Today, the dynamic duo is behind the thriving agency.

The relationship between Alana Burstyn and Eric, However, can be described as best friends that motivate each other to perform their best. “Bringing the company to where it is today took a lot of work,” says Eric Hower. Coming from different backgrounds and different worlds, it is obvious to see opposites attract. They compliment each other’s work ethic and work as one unit together, which creates balance. As a team, they have the same goals in mind: that at any DJ booking, they strive to exceed the expectations of their clients and the DJ’s are always sure that the audience is left with a night to remember.

OFM just recently celebrated their five year anniversary on June 19, 2016, at Set, Miami. OFM is committed to assisting in paving the way for artists to reach their highest level of success. Their job is made easier by the level of talent the agency represents.


A Strong Reputation

Nightlife is just part of the business. In recent years, OFM has expanded into the world of corporate events for some Fortune 500 companies. Brazil, Dubai, London, New York, Los Angeles are just some of the markets they’ve served.

OFM Talent has earned its reputation by providing clients with nothing short of excellence. Year after year, OFM’s expansion outpaces Alana and Eric’s imagination “Now celebrating 5 years the sky is the limit” says Eric; Alana adds that “each day we are constantly learning and expanding.” Alana and Eric make sure that the relationship they have, whether old or new, with venue owners, corporate clients and the DJ’s they represent, are genuine and personable. OFM values their business relationships across the world. Over the years OFM has been proud to work with venues such as Wall, SET, Mokai, and E11even, to name a few; and great corporate clients such as Showtime, Revolt, Adidas, Grey Goose, Condé Nast and much more.

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