How Miami band ‘Soulpax’ was Blessed by Whitney Houston

Miami is a vibrant collective of artists and musicians making up a fusion of styles both aesthetically and sonically that define the Tropiculture of the city. A major part of this rich tapestry has been the acceptance and exodus of musical acts from different cities and countries down to what Pitbull calls ‘the Big Pineapple’ in jest of New York being the ‘Big Apple.’ One of these acts are Boston-base transplants Soulpax. Composed of Julian and Julia, these two share not only their geographical travels but a love of varied sonic styles and the development of a tribe of musicians. While Julia and Julian form the front of the band Soulpax they insist that their band is a collection of musicians that play and live in different cities world-wide. They cite for example how their percussions for their upcoming album ‘in and out’ was recorded in South America to integrate a more eclectic latin backing that contributes to a more enjoyable music experience to the listeners. And where does the blessing from Whitney Houston come into play? Well, you’re going to have to listen to the full podcast interview to get that!

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