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The Early Late Night Show’s 8th episode took place at Lucio’s. The hosts, Frankie and K Sos, started off the show by wishing us a Happy Diwali! They then told us how we can donate to Puerto Rico. We were also given some news about 3 points and they gave a warm welcome to the mayor of Miami Shores.

Do you know how to make sangria? Luckily, Frankie and his guest showed us how! They made white and red sangria on the spot. They added fruits, different drinks, and mixed it all to make a delicious masterpiece!
What makes Lucio so special? The ELNS interviewed Lucio who is the owner of Lucio’s. Lucio came from Spain and he has been cooking for 22 years. Lucio serves coffee and wine so it has the best of both worlds! The products they carry are unique and Lucio tells us that we got to try the goat cheese that they have.
Miami Shores used to be a pineapple plantation. The local artist we interviewed, Joe Clark, came up with a cool concept. His concept is that people in the community will get together to participate to paint a mural together. Want to paint and be a part of it? It will be up soon on October 28th.
Have you ever played Jeopardy? On the show, they did a Jeopardy game, Miami Shores edition. The three lovely contestants were K sos, Catherine, and Tommy. Catherine was the first to choose her question and she got it correct! She kept winning and winning. Do you think you know enough about Miami Shores?
At the end of a show, a lovely band, named Sofilla played a couple of songs! They gave us a little background story about the band and future shows they are going to do. Their music was cool, funky, and the crowd loved it!
Sofia Vazquez


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