A Flower in Miami’s Underground Music Scene

When it comes to Alternative Culture in the Miami there is one name that is synonymous with the sounds of the underground. Her name is Flor Frances. Through the Raygun Agency her partner and her collaborate with some of the most amazing talent, bands, singers, producers in South Florida and beyond to craft their artistic careers and book them in the hottest live music venues like Las Rosas and The Anderson Bar. But she does have some words of Wisdom based on her magazine title ‘Too Much Love’:

You can definitely have too much love. When your passion becomes an excess then it can hold you back more than it helps you move forward!

She keeps super active in her days though also hosting a show on local radio favorite station Jolt Radio in between boxing sets and her newest creation is a bi-weekly event happening at The Anderson Miami called the Takeover which features some of Miami’s most vibrant characters (local Music singers) putting on their DJ hats and spinning their favorite 80s tracks. And if you get their early enough you may even be able to hear her spin a couple of tracks and really take you back to 79′.

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