5 Proven Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Small Businesses

Small businesses owners may think they can get away with focusing on traditional marketing and advertising methods, but the internet offers far too many opportunities to spurn. Thanks to the importance of local searches on Google and other search engines, SEO is more important than ever for a small business. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of five proven search engine optimization techniques that every small business should employ.

1. Quality Content

The key element to any site’s success is quality content. A website can have all the necessary SEO components in place, but if the content looks spun or generic users will be turned off. Adding keywords and other elements to the content does matter, but the meat of the content must be engaging and informative to those who are visiting the site.

Additionally, Google now places more importance on the concept of having truly unique information that is not contained on other sites. If your site can become a resource about a certain topic, it will only help with search engine results positions.

2. Long-Tail Keywords

SEO experts believe that using long-tail keywords is vital to gaining traction on search engines. Using basic phrases such as “sports shoes” may not bring the same type of success as a phrase like “running shoes for college students”, or something to the effect. If your business requires assistance with long-tail keywords or other SEO elements, consulting with a professional SEO company like First Page Advantage is a good place to start.

3. Key SEO Elements

There are three main elements to SEO: title, meta descriptions, and content. Make sure the focus is always on these three elements, no matter what. Ensure keywords are not stuffed but placed strategically. Ensure that the meta description for each page adequately describes the content in a concise manner, and use the title to not only lure customers onto the page but to enhance SEO prospects.

4. Buyer Personas

Sometimes we tend to view a website and the associated SEO from our point of view, but it is better to think from a buyer’s perspective. Whether you are an e-commerce company or you are using the site to generate business, put yourself in your target market’s shoes. How would you use a search engine if you were buying your own products or services? What articles would attract you onto the website?

5. Mobile-Friendly

A huge percentage of internet searches are made through phones and tablets, which is why mobile friendly web pages are crucial to SEO. If your web page is slow to load on mobiles or is very basic, you will suffer when it comes to the search engine ranking.

By keeping these five SEO elements in mind, you are ensuring that your small business can take advantage of the cost-effective marketing tool that is the internet. Not only are you going to attract more people to your site, but it will soon begin to result in an increase in real business from local customers.


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