10x10KCuba Entrepreneurs Receive Training at Venture Hive

Venture Hive was proud to host recipients of the 10x10kCuba startup competition. The organization’s primary focus is to help talented programmers and entrepreneurs in Cuba by providing competition winners with the resources and means to advance their businesses. The culmination of 10x10KCubaprogramming is to have winners come to the United States, and this year, Miami was among several other destinations across the United States for Cuban entrepreneurs to visit.

Leaders at the forefront of Cuba’s growth and development in the entrepreneurial space, which includes the Cuba Emprende Foundation and #CubaNow, have teamed up with well-known names in tech such as 500 StartupsTechstars, and Stanford’s School of Engineering to develop this highly impactful initiative. Venture Hive is grateful for the opportunity to have worked with an amazing group of young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Six participants visited Venture Hive each afternoon, for a 5-day entrepreneurship workshop, hosted by local experts through a series of guided activities, case studies, and lectures on topics such as sales strategies, digital marketing, funding principles, bootstrapping, etc. Throughout their time in Miami, 10x10kCuba winners visited local companies, co-working spaces, and local institutions of higher learning to understand the Miami ecosystem and the resources available to local and foreign entrepreneurs. Venture Hive is grateful for the opportunity to have hosted 10x10kCuba winners and wish them the best in their continued efforts to be leading new waves of entrepreneurs and technologists in Cuba! download

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