Kurz RE: Changing Miami’s Dilapidated Real Estate Scene

Today’s world is evolving in many ways, from virtual reality games to electric cars. But it’s also evolving in other ways. We’ve seen real estate firms bring up and develop Midtown Miami and Edgewater and seen Wynwood transform into the a meca for art. But, Miami’s real estate scene is getting a fresh new makeover with Kurz Real Estate Corp. David Adam Kurz, the founder of Kurz RE and a leading real estate broker, is changing the real estate industry of Miami like never before. He plans to bring the millennial mind to the industry and bridge the gap between trust and customer service currently offered by traditional real estate.

Kurz Real Estate midtown miami

The whole idea of Kurz Real Estate is to present entrepreneurship to young professionals in the real estate sector,” said Kurz in a press release. “Though some industries are progressing, most have to start in lower positions and work their way up, but I’m looking for hungry, talented professionals—with or without the experience—to join our team.”

Instead of having a bunch of real estate agents working under him, David Kurz has more of a mentoring approach. He teaches his team members to have an entrepreneurial mindset, coaches and supports them in their endeavors and offers his help and availability. He motivates new agents to quick success with his 60/90 rule, where the agents are required to make adequate sales in the first 90 days to stay with the company. Kurz said, “We want to breed our agents to be entrepreneurs. We coach them by giving them the blueprint to success and helping them to create strategic plans of attack, but at the end of the day it’s up to them to deliver results.”

Kurz Real Estate Midtown miami

Kurz moved to Miami in 2005, after his final tour in the U.S. Marine Corps. He then started his career in real estate and became a very successful agent and entrepreneur. When he worked at Douglas Elliman, the fourth largest real estate firm in the U.S., he led one of the largest teams. Even then, he had the vision of a more open real estate environment, and that caused him to leave his position at Douglas Elliman and start his own business. Now, Kurz RE has its first, very own, open space office in Coconut Grove.


Kurz Launch Shakes Up Miami’s Real Estate Scene

To celebrate Miami’s newest addition, the company presented an official launch party on Oct. 5, 2016, at the firm’s first and only open-space office located outside the Business Improvement District (BID) in Coconut Grove. The event shined a new light on the realty realm, ridding Miami of its traditional, archaic ways by encouraging the use of marketing and innovation.

Kurz Real Estate hosted over 100 of the industry and community’s movers and shakers for a chic cocktail event featuring classical renditions of hip-hop and Top 40 songs from the South Beach Chamber Ensemble, and a specialty cocktail called “The Kloser,” which was a mix of gin, lavender and fresh blueberries.


Check out the event:


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