3 Ways that technology has opened up DJ opportunities around the world


Technology has allowed for the advancements in a variety of industries including but not limited to automobiles, communications, and music. It is because of technology that more people have entered the workforce and are making a name for themselves in the global marketplace. Before the advancements in technology, it was unheard of to obtain opportunities in other areas of the world. With the birth of social media, accessible travel, the television, and satellite radio, it is not uncommon to find out about opportunities abroad. Thus, technology has opened up DJ opportunities in many ways. This article will highlight some of the most important ways that technology has created accessibility for DJ’s to take their craft around the globe.

  1. DJ - Party on top of building with music entertainment
    DJ – Party on top of building with music entertainment

    Social media. The birth of social media has made it easy and seamless to keep in touch with people from all over the world. No matter what social media account you prefer to use, you have the ability to showcase your talents to family, friends, and others. Posting pictures, videos, and even podcasts of your DJing gigs is a great way to create a loyal following for your DJ career. If you are interested in broadening your performance area, you can easily branch out to other countries by working with international agents or by promoting yourself with the use of hashtags. A hashtag allows people from all over the world to find your content in a specific search. For example, if you live in the USA and post videos on Vine of your latest gig and use the hashtag #europe, anyone searching for that specific hashtag will see your post along with others with that same hashtag. Before technology, the ability to reach others with a simple post was nonexistent.

  2. Travel. Technology has made the ability to air, land, or sea easier and less time consuming than ever before. In addition, traveling can be comfortable even when traveling for hours on end. Because travel is easier than ever before, it is not uncommon for DJ’s to travel to various parts of the world to perform.
  3. Satellite Radio. Due to radio stations, people from all over the world get to experience a diverse array of music genres. Satellite radio has also helped to push this notion to new heights. Take for example, Sirius XM radio that offers patrons hundreds of radio channels that they can listen to at any given period of time. Some radio stations cater to specific types of music such as BPM or Beats Per Minute. This radio station features the most popular electronic music and often features new, up and coming DJ’s. The ability for DJ’s to be heard on the radio is a development that has created many global opportunities in the industry.

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