The Best Remote Work Offices in Miami

Working remotely is more than a future dream, it’s become the reality we work in today. Uber-ing from meeting to meeting and trying to find the perfect spots to satisfy your Wi-Fi, coffee, and food needs. Personally, I forget to make time to eat every work day- realizing in a pastry-only coffee shop, I’m starving and might pass out. It’s safe to say I’ve learned to pick remote work spots around Miami made for my forgetfulness and busy schedule. These places aren’t unicorns, they exist.

The Bodhi Tree House – Wynwood

bodhi tree house wynwood

My personal favorite, the Bodhi Tree House is a great remote work spot that offers food for the body and mind. Clear the mind and wash away the stress in their meditation teepee on a short work break or have some coffee and snacks to keep you going. This is a space you can enjoy with serenity and continue your process of constant evolution towards your most conscious being. A truly relaxing day at the office. Then, stay after work and enjoy a meditation workshop or shop through some of their precious uplifting products.

Here at The Bodhi Tree House our main purpose is to provide a space to celebrate life and its happenings, therefore you will be able to attend from full moon celebrations to any kind of workshops and teachings that will help your soul fell at ease and evolve. Such as group meditations, yoga classes, healing dance classes, singing bowl sessions etc.

Crumb on Parchment – Miami Design District

Crumb and Parchment Miami design district
Image provided by: Miami Food Pug

Located in the heart of the Miami Design District, Crumb on Parchment is another perfect remote work location. They serve Miami favorite, Panther Coffee and have some of the best sandwiches. Their coffee shop ambiance is furnished with comfy couches and tables, perfect for those out-of-the-office days where scheduling your lunch is often left out.

Sedici Cafe & Grill – Downtown Miami

Sedici Cafe & Grill Downtown Miami
Image provided by: Yelp

If you’re looking for comfort food to ease a stressful or hectic work day, look no further. Sedici Cafe has the best comfort food right off the waterfront in Downtown Miami. A small space, with a few tables enough for one workspace, this is a great lunch-to-meeting or end-of-day spot to clear those emails and hunger cravings.

Let us know some of your favorite remote work locations in Miami!


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