Freddy Stebbins’ Top 10 Hurricane Irma Insights

My top 10 things about living in Miami during hurricane Irma:

  1. For about 12 hours people here were actually courteous and friendly.
  2. Everyone is a hurricane expert.
  3. Free Avocados everywhere.
  4. Bumper-to-bumper traffic during the curfew.
  5. Humility…everyone here finally admits they actually have “no power”
  6. nothing on the news or social media about Trump.
  7. I still have 75 cans of garbanzo beans and 12 packs of lentils.
  8. For 12 hours no one was driving….now “four way stop” means “speed through and screw everyone else!”
  9. The drug dealers never evacuated their zones.
  10. Hialeah is considered “normal”!!!

Freddy Stebbins

Freddy Stebbins is a comedian, radio show host on shake108FM, College Professor, commercial actor and has a life long addiction to Miami.



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