5 Tips to understanding a commercial real estate loan

If you’re thinking of getting a convenient commercial real estate loan to finance your project, there’s a wide assortment of loan options to choose from. There are mainly 5 types of loans in this niche: SBA 7(a) Loan, CDC/SBA 504 Loan, Commercial Bridge Loan, Traditional Mortgage Loan and Commercial Hard Money Loan. Your choice will depend on several factors, including the magnitude of your proposed project. Luckily, getting commercial real estate loans is a hassle-free way to breathe your ideas into life.

Here are 5 tips to understanding a commercial real estate loan:

Have a good plan for utilizing the loan

Your prospective lenders will definitely want to hear how you intend to use the money they’ll lend you, so it’s wise to first come up with an exquisite execution plan. This will not only save you significant money but also give you a better negotiating leverage. Your plan should include precise figures as well as a timeframe showing when you’re project is likely to end. Preparing a robust plan should therefore be high on your to-do list. You can also check this article https://aaacreditguide.com/credit-score-to-buy-a-house/ to know more about your credit score to buy a house.”

Explore your entire options

Most people tend to look for their preferred real estate loans from banks. However, there are other alternative lending avenues worth exploring. The firms and lending institutions that operate in the alternative niche offer flexible loan terms, simpler application requirements and quicker processing periods. That’s a far cry from how banks operate. In addition, don’t just consider the lenders closest to your location – search nationwide to get better deals.

Understand your lender’s processing period

Naturally, most lenders will promise to process your sizeable commercial real estate loan quickly. They typically say 30-45 days. However, they end up taking months to complete the processing and seal the deal. This might inconvenience you a lot, especially if you’d already planned everything out beforehand. Prior to making any handshake deals, make sure that your lender commits to his promise with regards to setting a reasonable processing time for your loan.

Many lenders today will require a toxic report

Although banks and alternative lending institutions might be more than willing to negotiate a commercial real estate loan deal, they’ll need more than your word to hand over the cash. Today, most lenders require that you obtain a Level 1 toxic report on your property. This report ascertains that the property isn’t toxically compromised such as to incur the lender extra clean-up liability costs. This toxic report is written by a certified environmental firm after prior investigation of the property.

Maintain good relations with your lenders

You don’t want to go burning bridges along the way, especially not with your lenders. Taking a loan for your specific commercial real estate project is vastly different from purchasing business equipment and stationery. When you borrow the loan, you start an intricate perpetual dance with your lender. Step on his toes and he’ll certainly feel the pinch. With this in mind, invest in a friendly long-term relationship with your lenders and keep close ties with them. After all, you’ll constantly need their help going forward.


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