5 Tips to planning your vacation in southern France


Southern France is known for its great landscape, culinary prowess, and warm Mediterranean sun. This is why it is a perfect destination if you are planning your next vacation. There are so many things you can do such as enjoying the view of the yachts in Cannes, have a picnic at the ancient Pont du Gard, or hike the popular hiking trail of Balcony of the Côte d’Azur to see the beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean. If you are up to slowing down and just enjoying the view of the countryside, Southern France will definitely not disappoint you.

Here are five tips for planning your vacation in southern France.

Book your flights ahead.

Like any other dream destination, airfare rates can fluctuate dramatically at any time of the year, but most especially when it on the season. If you are traveling from overseas, book your flight months ahead to get a good fare. Checking out package deals and airfare promotions will save you a lot of money. If your vacation dates are flexible, it would be best to book off-season as it can make a really huge difference. The key here is to travel to southern France when it is cheap. This way, you can spend more money on experiences than on the airfare.

Book your stay in a villa rental.

The best way to lazily chill and enjoy the beauty of southern France is by staying in a villa rental. There are tons of south of France villa rentals that you can check out prior to your trip so you can compare which ones offer the best view. One place to check is the Elegant Address as they offer outstanding accommodations. Staying in a villa rental will give you the ultimate view of the picturesque Mediterranean Sea right in front of your window. Whether you are traveling alone, with a loved one, or with your whole family, staying in a villa rental is definitely worth it when visiting southern France.

Plan ahead what kind of experiences you like to experience.

Every vacation is unique for everyone. Not one person has the same preferences when they are vacationing. Are you the type of person who likes to sit by the pool with a book or are you someone who prefers to leisurely stroll around the town? Either way, list all the things you would like to experience and check if you can do it in the town you are planning to go to the south of France.

Narrow down the places where you want to go.

Whether you are planning to visit just one place or go to multiple destinations in southern France, you should be able to know beforehand which destinations meet your interests so you can plan your budget ahead. This way, you will not spend your vacation worrying about money.

Determine how much time you have.

While South of France is a perfect year-round destination, you should still plan how much time you have for this vacation. Are you up for a 1-2 week vacation or a month-long vacation? Plan your trip accordingly in order not to waste time.

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