5 Tips to looking your best at your daughter’s wedding

The thought of handing over your daughter to her soon-to-be husband can spur mixed emotions to any mother. You watched her grow since childhood, you nursed her when she was sick, and now she’s stepping out and leaving for good. Putting aside all the tears, you have to be proud of that moment and let go of her gracefully. A wedding is a joyful occasion and should be celebrated in style. Don’t let your emotions get the best of your day. As mother of the bride, you have to look stunning and stylish. Follow these 5 tips to look your best at your daughter’s wedding:

  1. Let your daughter guide you

If your daughter is hands-on involved in selecting the type of gown for everyone in her entourage to wear, then you wouldn’t have a problem making a choice. Traditionally, the mother of the bride buys her dress first to subtly suggest what the other mother should wear. Today, the bride usually selects a color palette and fabric swatch to hand out to the mothers so they can have a reference.

Ask your daughter if she has a color theme in mind for her wedding and suggest some colors you want as well. It’s important for her to agree with your dress to avoid conflict in style or any fashion faux pax. Your decision for the dress should be cascaded to the mother of the groom as well so you both can follow suit.

  1. Pick the right dress

If you’ve got the go signal on the color of the dress, time to do some shopping! If your daughter gave a particular swatch, you can consult with designers for a custom made gown. The advantage is you get a made-to-measure gown that will definitely look flattering on you. And you can suggest some alterations and additional details too. The drawback, of course, is that it’s more pricey than RTW gowns. Don’t worry though because the RTW scene is filled with gorgeous options too. There are a lot of elegant gowns available in shopping stores and even online. It may be tricky to get the right color but it’s all a matter of trying and trying until you find the perfect match.

  1. Invest in hair and makeup

Wearing the right hair and makeup is important in completing your look. If you’re unsure about what look to go for, nude makeup is the way to go. It’s a timeless and fresh look that works well with any theme. This look is achieved by applying a light foundation, full and defined brows, coral to peach blush-on, and a nude lipstick.

You don’t necessarily have to match the bride’s hair-do but it’s a good reference in doing your hair. A simple updo is common for mothers. You may also experiment with loose locks and curls if you want!

  1. Get the right shoes

In any formal event, it’s important to be comfortable with your footwear especially if you’re going to do a lot of walking. As a mother of the bride, you are also partly hosting the wedding because your family will be there. You’ll be busy going around, shaking hands, and chit chatting will the guests. Wear shoes that are elegant and comfortable. Flats and sandals are a great option. If you must wear heels, the peep-toe kinds give better support for your toes.

  1. Smile and be happy

It’s a proud moment for any mother to see her daughter walk down the aisle in a stunning white dress. It’s easy to get emotional during the march. Flashbacks of your little one with come to your mind, bringing you to tears. But hold on, if you must cry, it must be tears of joy. Be happy for your daughter because she’s finally found the right man for her life. Be happy that you were able to raise her well as a good person. Be happy that you are able to share in the celebration by bringing her to the altar. Remember that you’re not losing your daughter, you’re gaining a son and uniting two families together.



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