How Johnny Rock’d South Beach

J-Rock founded SoBe Kick in 2010 as the first boutique boxing gym in the trendy Sunset Harbor neighborhood. As a pioneer in fitness in Miami he always knew he wanted to create an authentic experience and vibe that gave both great results while keeping a friendly and family oriented environment. He wants his community to ‘feel comfortable and be happy’ but recommends to those who want results to not ‘look at others but to focus on yourself’! His community oriented kickboxing studio doesn’t only stay inside the box, they also do private training, yoga sessions and even does a once a month pop-up at The Confidante on South Beach.

Here’s a couple quick fire points that let you get to know J-Rock:

  • J-Rock’s Spirit Animal is the Wolf.
  • He originally ran his Gym in the Rony Palace.
  • SoBeKick is the hub for Models who work out in Miami Beach.
  • SoBeKick also has two other locations including South Berkley
  • You can access Kickboxing courses online.
  • His secret to success: Keep people feeling at home.

If you want to hear the entire podcast interview, listen to it on our webiste or on the MMM LIVE Podcast on Anchor or Spotify!


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