Health and Wellness in the New Miami with Cisco Achurra

MMM Live Podcast¬†sat down with Sober Social’s very own influencer, Franciso Anturra, aka Cisco, to find out more about the¬†wellness movement around the New Miami. Cisco got candid on his principals and practices, humility and honesty, trends and pet-peeves in the wellness community. With a talent for DJing, Cisco is passionate about creating and hosting events where he can “show people that they can have fun without booze”.

(Cisco pictured left, Adrian Molina pictured right.


Saturday, June 30. 6 – 11PM


G a R D E N I A

1239 Alton Road #Suite 2, Miami Beach, Florida 33139


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Instagram: sobersocials

Facebook: Sober Socials Miami

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