How to Kick Ass in Miami!

Fernando Andrade traveled to Miami from New York. Brooklyn specifically! Finding a passion for fitness in his recent years allowed him to change his life by losing 40 lbs and reinvigorating his flair for living. The method to his success: kickboxing. So when he decided to move to Miami and found the Brickell landscape missing his go-to fitness activity he gave a call to the owner of the gym in Brooklyn and asked if he could open up another CKO Boxing in Miami. Talk about being the change you want to see in the universe! Here are some fun excerpts from our podcast interview with Fernando last week:

  • Colombian Heritage living in New York before Miami.
  • Came to Miami looking for Latin lifestyle with friendliness for families.
  • Focuses on getting results for his clients.
  • Recommends that you should focus on your results by changing your habits.
  • Easy health tip: Drink More Water!
  • States his success is dependent completely on his staff and teamwork.

If you want to hear the entire podcast interview, listen to it on our website or MMM LIVE’s channels on Spotify, Apple or AnchorFM.



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