Finding your Purpose in #Miami

Miami is a big city that is comprised of hard-working individuals pursuing business developments, educational degrees, and those who are making all attempts at obtaining a career. The community in Miami is gradually improving on its consciousness and wellness, even though the majority of the population in this big city is so focused on school and work that the awareness of their physical and mental health is dimmed. The city of Miami continues to provide inspirational outlooks into reminding others to focus on their passions and goals in a healthy manner.


There are several centers and coaches that people get the help they need to discover their purpose and figure out what they love. In a show called “Bizzy Yogi”, ran by Arianne Om, a guest, Chad, mentioned that finding yourself and your determination lies in your story. Another guest on the show, Tiffany, also stated that we need to stop ignoring what we are attracted to and work on it.



In the show, they interviewed Jodi, who talked about how she became aware of her passions and her continuous strive for progression in those fields. Figuring out her message within her story inspired her to create a drink called “Apple Playa”. The drink got its name when Jodi went to the Burning Man festival in 2011 and experienced an uplifting night with her friends. The spirit and positivity that took place in that atmosphere formed into a conscious product. It’s a product that she admires and is heartfelt about. Apple Playa builds connection and brings people together. In Miami, the people tend to lose their purpose and lose their connection with others. It is important that the individuals in our city focus on the progression of happiness and health in their lives and through that influence others to do the same.






Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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