6 Fitness Trends in the New Miami

When it comes to keeping your body, mind and soul on point there are nearly an infinite amount of options available to you in the Magic City. Lately the variety of health, fitness and wellness choices has expanded beyond the traditional treadmill and gym. So we decided to round up so come cool new trends in the New Miami that are sure to keep you tip-top.


This one’s been around for a while. But the incredible growth of ‘boxes’ (places where crossfitters work out of has expanded across many neighborhoods creating various sub brands and styles. Some crossfit studios in Miami like Crossfit Wynwood have even gone as far integrating bootcamp and cycling options in their spaces. Ultimately, this is a heavy weightlifting based course and you need to make sure you pay attention to your instructors and don’t push yourself too hard.

Yoga & Meditation

From Aerial Yoga, Yoga teacher certification to just general OHM breaks throughout the day, mindfulness is in huge swing now in Miami (Ha, swing, see what we did there?). The argument is that a strong body starts with a strong mind. Personally we agree. We want to be able to hold our downward dog pose at Atmananda Yoga with Sarra while holding a 30 minute peaceful and focused meditation session at Innergy with Andrea and Elizabeth.

Pilates & More

We didn’t forget your core! It’s all about a nice solid strong midsection that guides you to productivity and physical happiness. With the ongoing trending of the Pilates movement it’s refreshing to see so many new variations of the physical art coming on the scene. One of the places we love is the new multi-position boutique studio Solidcore led by Jessica Welch in the Midtown Miami community.


Ok who’s ready to kick some butt! We are. Whether you’re frustrated from a day at the office, got some family stress to release or just want something to punch to release those endorphins there’s no better way to feel good. Looking for a Brickell community that understands your frustration then CKO Brickell is a great option, while the South Beach go to spot is SoBeKick (models included). Put on the gloves, wait for the bell and lets change your life.


HIIT Trends

Tired of the super regimented, routine and structured workout solutions. ADD infiltrating your fitness game too? Then you should explore going to a non-routine High Intensity Interval Training program like those offered at Sweat440 or B-Fit Biscayne which feature local owners who want to make sure that you don’t have the traditional boring health experience. Sweat440 goes as far as offering the convenience of classes every 10 mins! What, what!

Social Exercise

One of the most unique options out there was formed by the South Florida Club Sports that featured adult intramural leagues for volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and so much more. So when you’re looking for a holistic solution that includes making new friends and forming great experiences then be sure to check out this community.


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