No Hot Day in #Miami can stand up to a Whoosh

When thirst strikes, it can feel like finding a quick source of cool, clean water requires some serious skill with a divining rod. Enter Woosh: a healthy, environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bottled drinks that encourages water consumption and saving money. The company is changing the way people drink water in public places, on the go, and will be launching 25 smart water stations around Miami Beach beginning January 2018. Miami Beach is the first city in the world to deploy Woosh smart water stations on a wide scale, with future cities in the works.

Woosh prides itself on serving the local community. How? With a large-scale deployment of smart water stations, residents and visitors can enjoy crisp, ultra-purified, ice-cold water in public spaces. This brand new service is a real game changer when it comes to drinking water in public places. Using their own bottles, customers can take advantage of the two services offered at each water station: bottle rinsing and bottle refilling.

Woosh recognizes that water is only as clean as the bottle it’s in, therefore introducing a unique bottle- rinsing feature, which utilizes a quick O3-based process that eliminates any bad taste or odor. 
CEO and Co-founder Itay Tayas Zamir founded Woosh in 2010 after a fateful stroll with his newborn on a warm summer day. With a thirsty baby (and an empty water bottle) in tow, he set out to find a source of cold filtered water to fill his bottle. While his search turned up empty, it planted the seed for eco conscious stations that could provide safe, reliable and plastic-free water on the go.

Woosh is thrilled to debut its innovative Smart Water Stations in Miami Beach—the first location for our service,” said CEO and Co-Founder Itay Tayas Zamir. “With its forward-thinking perspective and concern for the environment, Miami Beach serves as the perfect city to change the way people drink water in public space. Woosh invites both residents and visitors alike to make Miami Beach a plastic bottle-free city.”

The water being dispensed at each location is a parched beach-goer’s dream—each drop goes through a patented process based on O3 treatment. The ultra-purified water is then chilled, kept fresh through constant spin and ready to be dispensed. The stations are constantly connected to a control center where they are monitored to ensure high quality water at all times. Each station has a self-cleaning feature, making it incredibly hygienic due to a patented feature unique only to Woosh water stations. When choosing Woosh, one gets better water for less money, without creating any plastic waste.

Woosh enables people to stay hydrated for an entire day at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled beverages. Each smart water station offers both a “pay as you go” option and pre-paid packages. Using a debit or credit card, customers can opt to pay for one rinse-and-refill session. They can also become a Woosh member with the option to purchase various pre-paid packages at a discount (as low as 35 cents per fill). Members can enjoy Woosh’s intuitive eco-feedback, where they can track their water consumption, carbon footprint and the number of bottles saved from ending up in local beaches in real- time.

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