Miami Has a new Za’ Obsession!

P.Pole Pizza has resonated well with millennials in South Florida since its recent opening. The concept of having the opportunity to create a unique pizza with unlimited toppings in an easy and efficient way makes it ideal for those on the run to satisfy their cravings with the option of having it delivered right to your door in the Coral Gables. P.Pole has rapidly grown in popularity for many reasons that have led it to become a reliable pizza hot spot with the health-conscious, money-savvy generation.  They have a wide selection of ways to create your own pizza masterpiece. There are endless fresh meats and vegetables to choose from along with the freedom of choosing the kind of crust and cheese whether it is dairy or dairy free.

P.Pole Pizza is also made for people on the go, which accommodates the busy lifestyle of millennials. Whether they are stopping by on their short lunch break or picking up food for a friend, P.Pole is the choice that makes pizza different every single time. Founder, Stefano Carniato, wanted to create a place for easy access to pizza for pizza lovers on the go. The restaurant is set up in a way in which the customer can partake in each step of the pizza making process while watching his or her pizza being made. Therefore, creating a clean and easy way to eat pizza!

“We pride ourselves on our fresh, Non-GMO ingredients in order to deliver a quality, quick pizza to the people”, says Carniato. “I wanted to create a pizza for the people, leaving the creativity up to them”. As well as making it easy for the people, they are making it easy on the environment. P.Pole’s pizza boxes are easy to carry in its distinct shape and are made from biodegradable zucchini fiber. Individuality comes in over 100 different toppings, sauces and crusts combinations here at P.Pole. In a matter of minutes, a personal and affordable oval-shaped pizza is made and ready to go! The friendly staff and art covered walls creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that sets P.Pole apart from other pizza spots in the area.


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