Meditating and Giving Thanks to #Life

The season is almost over for The Early Late Night Show! On this episode of the ELNS, Frankie P hosted the show by himself because K Sos, his co-host was sick. He started the episode talking about Art Basel and how it has changed over the years. Frankie then mentions his love for Stone Crabs and closes the segment by introducing the amazing guests.

For the Cock A  Tail segment, Frankie joins David from House of Roots to make a non-alcoholic drink called Kava. Kava is a root that comes from the island and when the root is harvested, it can be made as a drink. The House of Roots is a place that people go to connect, relax, and drink Kava. He then makes the drink, cheers with “Bula” which means thanks to life. Frankie loved the connection that it brings and the crowd did too!

On this segment, Frankie interviews Rikki from Inhale Miami. She describes Inhale Miami as a community space which the mission is to provide health care, healing, meditation and more. She mentions how they’re not a typical yoga studio, they’re unique and open-minded. Who doesn’t like free stuff? They give free yoga classes to those who can’t afford classes and for veterans too. Their goal is to spread yoga and meditation. The passion that they have for yoga and introducing it to the community is wonderful!

Does the “Protect yo heart” slogan sound familiar to you? On the paint a perfect picture segment, uncut art joined the show. His art is inspired by his journey and he wants others that relate to it to connect with his simple words. He’s been working with art in 2009. He is passionate about what he does and keeps it real.

On the next segment, there was a Kava ceremony. Two contestants participated in a connecting game. Their body language and eyes were something to keep in mind of. Partner A, had to share a time in her life in which she went through something bad that she felt anything she tried didn’t help help. When she’s stressed she feels her body isn’t still and she tries to find something to keep herself grounded. Partner B also shared a time that when she was so stressed out that anything she tried didn’t work for her. Then, both contestants said Bula and drank a cup of Kava. After that first part, the contestants then shared a time in which they were calm and collect in which everything went in their way. Lastly,  they reflected and gave each other feedback on their body language when they described both situations. The difference that was shown was impressive!

On the last segment, a musician called The Lone Wolf wrapped up the episode. It was his birthday that day which was special for him! He is a one-man band which plays a numerous amount of instruments by himself. He is incredibly talented and loves what he does. Before working on his music, he used to work at a place that makes guitars. The guitar that he used that night was actually made by him! Lone Wolf’s performance was amazing; I have never seen anything like that.  He definitely sang and played his heart out.



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Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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