Pink Lights and Chinese Food Pop Up in #Wynwood

Who else likes Chinese food? Well now, there’s a new restaurant you can go to right in Wynwood! Elizabeth from Sincerely Miami had the chance to meet Leo, the owner of Palmar. Leo shared with us that their menu and vibe is more modern than usual Chinese restaurants. Find out how in the video below:

Thanks to Chef Alex, we had the chance learn and be part of the process of making two dishes on the menu. The first meal they made is actually Elizabeth’s favorite. Everything they make is family style and they love when their customers share. The second meal was noodles so it was cool to see it go from just plain noodles to something delicious. There’s a little surprise they put in the bottom of the meal, it’s a great way for you to discover more within the food. The way they make their food is very unique and personal to the chefs, take a look:

Elizabeth was honored to interview the chef, Alex, who created the menu for Palmar. He has a background in Japanese food but he was open to learning about Chinese food. Alex simply explained the menu and told us that they’re gonna expand their vegetable selections so that’s exciting. Their menu is quite diverse and sounds delicious. In the next few months, they are going to open up a brunch so it’s definitely something you can’t miss!

Sofia Vazquez


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