Animals and Statues in a #Bar

The Early Late Night Show killed it last night! It took place at Kill Your Idol located in Miami Beach. The hosts, Frankie and K Sos, started off the show by telling us how they have so much love for the locals and their talent that they bring. They also had a love for the venue because of its unique statues and artwork. After the guests were presented, they read us the headlines of this week that involve ice cream, food, drinks, and music!

Ahhh, my favorite segment, the “Cock a Tail” segment! Frankie got the chance to get to know the bartender of Kill Your Idol. They have ladies night, drag shows, open mic, and more! Kill Your Idol has a huge love for the local bands and always welcome them. It’s definitely a spot to be to have fun and enjoy a drink!

Imaginary radio was on the show and they were hilarious and so energetic! The 3 guys told us about their personal life, how they met, work life, and more. They host a cool music festival that will take place on Saturday at gramps with 10 local bands for only 10 dollars! The best part is that the money goes to a great cause. It is a great way to bring people together and learn more about the local artists.

This artist is quite ironic! Frankie and K Sos were able to chat with Ru, a local tattoo artist from Russia.  So what’s so ironic about him? Well, he personally only has one tattoo which is the middle name of his girlfriend. He did his first tattoo he did was when he was 12 years old in school! I couldn’t believe it but is actually true. Ever since that day, he just kept going and eventually became a tattoo artist. His shop is located in Miami Beach and they have cool deals! If it’s your first tattoo, you get it half off. This shop has a cool story behind it and interesting deals.

Thanksgiving is soon and what’s a better way than playing a game dressed as a pilgrim? In the show, they played Let Make A Deal with a lucky guest. He was able to pick one of the 3 items that each had a surprise. It was between a box, envelope, or some cash. Frankie didn’t fool the guest with 3 bucks! The guest then chose the envelope which had not 1 but 2 tickets to the show this Saturday in gramps. The guest sure did not make a bad pick!

The last part of the show had animals who played instruments! 3 guys who wear animal masks rocked out a couple of songs and the crowd loved it. They met and acknowledged that they have the same music taste and play instruments. So they worked their magic and formed a band!

Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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