The 5 Best New #FoodTrucks in Midtown Miami and Wynwood

When it comes to eclectic flavors and affordable grubs that pack a punch in the delish game, Midtown and Wynwood should be on the radar of dedicated foodies in Miami. Any self-proclaimed pro in the business, however, know that sometimes it isn’t the big fancy restaurants that have the best gems. Much of the time, you find them in the humble, but equally hip food trucks.

For your next culinary adventure in the area, you definitely should drop by these top five new food trucks in Midtown and Wynwood.


1. Charcoal Bar + Grill

Located at the Wynwood Yard, Charcoal Bar + Grill is the perfect place for any casual eater looking for good food. Set in modified shipping containers, the restaurant uses grills that burn 100 percent charcoal and reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees. This cooking method lends a distinct, dark, smoky taste to its food.

Charcoal’s menu changes twice every season to make sure that it only serves the freshest ingredients available. Popular orders include beef hanger steak, heritage chicken, heirloom potatoes, sea scallops, and root vegetables all served with condiments and sauces made from herbs that the owners have grown onsite themselves.


2. My Ceviche

Though this food truck first started back in 2012 at South Beach, it is a relative newcomer to the culinary scene at The Shops at Midtown. Having garnered a following for its extensive menu items that range from fresh seafood to chicken, My Ceviche has recently expanded its menu to offer salads and poke bowls for those looking healthy and fresh options.

The casual restaurant brings a fusion of Asian and Pan-American flavors to its chicken tacos, adobo burritos, and their popular My Ceviche bowls which include fresh seafood, red onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos.


3. Caja Caliente

Cuban food, anyone? Situated in the southeast side of Midtown, this hip food truck and caterer offers menu items straight out of any indie food lover’s dreams. Caja Caliente puts together a broad selection of taco and sandwich choices based traditional family recipes. It also offers poke bowls and seafood tacos, with its most popular dishes being the tuna poke bowl and lechon and chicken tacos. When not being praised for its fresh food, customers are always complimenting Caja Caliente for its chill ambiance and friendly staff.


4. Yoko Matcha

This Wynwood Yard food spot is the place to grab a refreshing and instant fix with its version of the Japanese drink, matcha. The first specialty matcha cafe in Miami, it offers a well-curated menu of food and drinks creatively infused with traditional Japanese matcha.

In addition to the sweet, creamy green tea offerings, Yoko Matcha also has Latin spinoffs in their menu that make for an interesting fusion of flavors. Try the matcha alfajor which comes with dulce de leche or the matcha pastelito, a genius dessert filled with a trio of matcha, cream cheese, and white chocolate.


5. Nice Cream

Like its name infers, this food truck offers guilt-free vegan-friendly desserts. With its ice cream made from frozen bananas as a replacement for cream, Nice Cream is also known for its wide range of dairy-free toppings like fresh berries, granola, Girl Scouts Thin Mints, and chocolate sauce. A true cool kid in the food truck block, it uses hip-hop references to name its sundaes. There’s Jadamint, a mint-flavored sweet sprinkled with chocolate chips, and AB & Jcole, a delicious concoction of berries, hemp hearts, and almond butter.

What makes the Wynwood and Midtown neighborhood a flourishing culinary hotspot at the moment is how it breaks barriers in terms of culture, taste, and flavors. Mix these eclectic choices with the street art museums and overall creative atmosphere of the place and you feel like you’re taking in not just the place’s food culture, but its overall spirit. An afternoon snack or spot of dinner at any of the food trucks in Midtown and Wynwood becomes more than a meal; it becomes an experience.

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