Tee Company Creates Conscious Tees

Graphic tees company’s are everywhere but Celiac Cutie is doing things

a little differently. Their tees are trendy and fun but the best part

is that when you look behind the scenes, the message goes a little


While laughing about cookies, allergies and the gluten free lifestyle,

the company actually was created by a woman with Celiac Disease.

Diagnosed in January of 2016, she was frustrated with the stigma that

went along with being gluten free and tired of not finding any trendy

options to support her new found tribe. After coming to terms with her

own disease, she decided to start a movement for change and bring

awareness to auto-immune diseases. Celiac Cutie was formed and the

passion to create a community where people feel a part of something

larger was born. The mission of being “fashion forward, community

based and research driven” has resonated with customers around the

country already, even though the company is new to the scene.

For those that may not be aware of Celiac or other auto-immune

diseases, the definition of one is when a trigger causes the body to

in some way attack itself. For those with Celiac, that trigger is the

tiniest amount of gluten, even from cross contamination (i.e., your

non gluten free pizza pan coming into contact with theirs). To sweeten

the deal, a portion of Celiac Cutie profits go to research. So,

whether you live the GF life, know a friend with allergies or just

want to put your money to a good cause, you can’t go wrong here,

especially because May is Celiac Awareness month! 


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