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Living in Miami begs for shorts, tank tops and bikinis year round. For many, that means getting rid of unwanted body hair as efficiently as possible. While some turn to razors and wax to get the job done, others choose a more permanent option: Laser hair removal.

With so many laser hair removal centers throughout South Florida, it can be difficult finding the right one for you. We asked six local fashionistas what center they trusted, and their answer was unanimous, Body Details.

No matter what hair you need removed, these fashionistas say the True Laser Specialists at Body Details can handle it all. And, they guarantee their results FOR LIFE! Here’s what these fashion experts have to say:

Ginger Harris of Electric Blogarella

Ginger Harris fills her blog with fashion tips for all occasions, whether it’s for kids going back to school or adults hitting the club for a night out. She recently visited Body Details after attempting laser hair removal last year at a different center, only for it to not work because they used the wrong equipment. Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

“They say that beauty is pain, but when it comes to laser hair treatment, it’s really not. I did my underarm area, and it’s doesn’t really feel like anything more than a hot rubber band kind of flicking your skin, and it’s over with before you even know it. So, completely worth it! I was in and out of there in 10, 15 minutes.”

Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet

Annie Vazquez is a world traveler who shares fashion advice garnered from all corners of the globe, but she also gives out plenty of advice for the hottest spots in Miami on her blog. Annie is also a model, and hates when her makeup doesn’t settle correctly because of that annoying peach fuzz. So, she visited Body Details to get it lasered off:

“When I originally came, it was because I had been taking biotin, and I didn’t know it had an effect. I started getting hair in places I didn’t want, and kind of lost my confidence when I went through that experience. Body Details really gave it back to me.”

Lorena Vittoria of Adventures in Motherhood, Fashion, Beauty, and Beyond

Lorena Vittoria blog emphasizes the fact that being stylish doesn’t have to end just because you become a parent. She writes blogs about motherhood fashion, as well as DIY projects and other topics. She decided she wanted to spend less time shaving and waxing, and instead more time with her kids. So, she chose Body Details to laser away the hair on her legs:

“After my second session, I started to see a lot of changes in my hair. It’s gotten a lot thinner, and I have to shave very little before I went to the beach or the pool. I’m so looking forward to this fourth session because I feel like I am almost completely hair-free, and I am looking forward to not having to shave again. The results have been great, and I’m looking forward to being hair-free; thanks Body Details!”

Carolina Lindo of I’m Not Sorry Darling

Carolina Lindo has dedicated her blog to putting together unique outfits and trying out new fashion products, so you can see if they work before spending your money on them. Though she used to wax her bikini and underarm areas, she recently gave laser hair removal a try at Body Details:

“Compared to waxing, I think laser hair removal is worth it, because you’re hair-free for a longer time, and at the end of your treatment, you’re gonna be hair-free forever. The difference between wax pain and the pain of laser is that wax pain stays there for longer. With the laser, you have one pinch, and the pain goes away. Thank you, Body Details, and I’ll see you next time for my fourth treatment!”

Lynette Joselly

On her self-named blog, Lynette Joselly discusses ways to tame unruly, curly hair. Whether it’s getting those tight curls or tips for keeping dyed hair healthy, she covers it all. The hair she didn’t want to deal with, however, was her leg and underarm hair. So, she visited Body Details to get that hair — and that hassle — taken care of:

“As a beauty blogger and fashion blogger, I’m already known for taking hours to get ready. But laser hair removal has helped me cut down on that time tremendously. I don’t have to waste time shaving my legs or my underarms, and I’m out the door as fast as I can be. I recommend it to anyone!”

Gissi Jimenez of The Architect of Style

What’s better than reading about the newest fashion trends? How about seeing artwork of them? On her blog, that’s exactly what Gissi Jimenez provides. Being from the Dominican Republic, Gissi had concerns about laser hair removal causing discoloration of her dark skin. Yet, her trip to Body Details eased those concerns:

“I’m getting my full legs done. With laser hair removal, it’s really not that painful! The laser that they use is really very good, especially for skin like mine that’s dark. I was afraid it was gonna hurt too much, but it doesn’t. It feels like a rubber band snap, then it just goes away. I just finished my second treatment at Body Details, and I can’t wait to see what the results will be!”

Emilie Sobel of Soul in Stilettos

Whether she’s sharing the latest fashion trends and hotspots in Miami, or keeping up with red carpet celebrities throughout South Florida, Emily Sobel covers it all on her blog. She decided to get her leg hair permanently removed by Body Details, and had the same question so many others had: Will she still need to shave?  Her results speak for themselves:

“I’m so obsessed with the results! I haven’t shaved my legs in almost 10 weeks, even after just four treatments. I can really see that it’s totally changing my life. All my friends are really jealous that I have so much more time now because I’m not having to shave my legs. It’s so easy, and it’s not painful at all. Thank you so much, Body Details; I’m obsessed with you, and you’ve changed my life!”

Afroza Khan of Chic Stylista

Though fashion in Miami is often influenced by Latin America, Afroza Khan brings a bit of style from her home country, Bangladesh, on her blog. She reviews some of the newest beauty products while also sharing stories of her world travels. Recently, she decided to put down the wax and razors and instead let Body Details permanently take care of her underarms:

“Just to have really smooth skin, I would probably have to shave every other day. Waxing is faster, but it’s definitely painful, and I don’t prefer it. And that too, I have to frequently get it done. That’s a lot of time wasted; I could be doing so much. Now I can go to the beach more often. I don’t usually go to the beach because it’s such a hassle to shave everything. There’s just more time to do a lot of stuff when I don’t have to shave as much!”

Ria Michelle of Live Like Ria

Ria Michelle’s fashion blog is full of bright colors and bold patterns that are sure to help you stand out. What’s more, she’s always available to answer questions about style, makeup and even relationships. But, being from the Caribbean, she had reservations about getting laser hair removal done. At Body Details, their lasers handled her dark skin perfectly:

“From my first to my fifth treatment, it’s been amazing to see the hair really just disappear over time. It’s getting thinner, if it’s there at all. It’s a really cool process to see, and I can’t wait until it’s all gone. I pretty much never shave anymore until it’s time to come to Body Details for my next treatment. My treatment was A1, and I can’t wait to come back!”

The Last Word

If you have been on the fence about getting laser hair removal, let these fashionistas’ experience be a guide. The True Laser Specialists at Body Details can eliminate that unwanted hair, once and for all. That way, you can keep up with the latest trends without worrying about shaving! And with a location in Wynwood at the heart of Midtown, getting laser hair removal is as convenient as it is effective!

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