Shelley’s Vicious Circle

The Shelley Novak show just released its first episode!

Shelley Novak is back on the airwaves with ” shelley-vision ” aka The Shelley Novak Show. Novak, a two time winner of best drag queen of miami and the 2016 winner of the pink flamingo awards “local hero” statuette, is bringing her own wacky take on IFC’s ” dinner for five ” pulling from her extensive rolodex of Miami and miami beaches local celebrities.

She fills her round table with guests from the hey day of south beach in the 90’s all the way to the brightest club kids and artists of the moment – filling her “vicious circle” with local actors , artists , models , club kids and nightlife entrepreneurs past and present while breaking bread and talking shop the tales of Miami’s colorful past will unfold and as the wine flows so does the confessions and conversation.

This episode of the Shelley Novak Show included conversations about Latino gay pride, The Emmys, Philly Grub, Sophia Loren, and more. The guests got to eat delicious sandwiches from The Philly Grub. The guests were Michelle Leshem, Allegra Riggio, Juan Barquin, and Herb Sosa.

Michelle Leshem

Michelle Leshem owns a creative agency with her husband. She is a hard-working individual and states that her job is challenging but it’s fun for her. She shares us a piece of advice that what you envision is what you have to execute.

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Herb Sosa

Herb Sosa runs an organization called unity coalition and leads the LGBT Hispanic community. His Orgullo Festival is in its 7th year and takes place for 15 days. Sosa mentions how during the pride weeks, there are drinking parties and he loves them! Who is Sara Montiel and why is she so important to Herb? Check the full episode below.

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Juan Barquin

Juan Barquin, who is involved in film as a writer and critic at the New Times is trying to build a new audience with an artsier vision. He ends with a conclusion saying “Do things you don’t think you’ll like because you might end up loving it'”.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.31.58 PM

Allegra Riggio

Allegra Riggio is a Hollywood actress who shares a funny Sophia Loren story-tiger wardrobe and all from head to foot. She tells us that we all need to do something that we love and to not be afraid to be yourself. Watch out for her amazing Katherine Hepburn impersonation halfway through the episode, it is ROTFL-worthy!

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Watch Episode 1:

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