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We, Midtown Miami Magazine, had the opportunity to interview Francis Suarez, who is a candidate running for Miami’s next mayor. In the interview, we focused on Miami, millennials, and himself.

As someone who was born and raised in Miami,  I believe that Miami is growing and expanding as a city day by day. As Suarez mentioned, millennials are the future of Miami and we ourselves develop our city daily.

Millennials are constantly building and creating our city with different factors . As time passes, neighborhoods and different areas are evolving and changing. Therefore, that brings more attraction and love for our city. We, as people, are interested in the art, music, food, culture, and diversity of Miami because that is what we are about.

As a millennial myself, I do agree with the fact that technology is growing and we have the advantage to use it as a source. Despite the fact that people use technology daily and it can be perceived a negative thing at times, it is a tool we use for productivity. Many benefits can form due to to a small device. In the millennial generation, we are focused on our devices and using them as an advantage to evolve the city and putting ourselves out there.

It is our job, as our generation living in Miami, to build on housing, knowledge, and different aspects that help us become a better city. As Suarez stated, years ago, Miami was a retiring city and now its a thriving city. We need to continue to expand Miami in order keep attracting millennials.

For the millennial community, education, jobs, and other factors have to be influenced by technology. It allows Millennials to come to Miami and grow as people. In addition, Suarez is fond of an organization called Engage Miami because it influences millennials to share their voice and become involved. The more we become involved, the better our city becomes. Since Millennials have an ability to impact our city, Miami is the best city in the world and will always strive to be.


Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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