The Early Late Night Show Hits the Road!

The Early Late Night Show took place at Bar Nancy last night as they extended their community focused show to grow wings and start going mobile! The hosts, Frankie and K Sos, started off the show by telling us how we can donate for those affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico and then gave us news about the 3 points music festival. Not attending 3 points? Well, you can check out the events happening these coming days in Gramps, Space, The Electric Pickle, and Grovetoberfest.

If you like cocktails, you should definitely try this drink. In the Cock- A Tail segment, Frankie interviewed one of the bartenders at Bar Nancy named Tony. He gave us a little background story of how he became a bartender and then showed us how he makes the drink called Farewell to Arms. Obviously, Frankie loved the drink and I know you would too.

What makes Bar Nancy so special? The 3 partners of the bar were interviewed on the show. They shared with us an interesting past story of how the bar launched and how they came up with the name. They all came together to create the uniqueness of the bar. Each partner has their own skill so they brought them together to make their vision come to life.

Local Miami artists are the coolest people in town. A well known local artist, Renda Writer, was starred in the show. He shared his story, purpose, and a cool art piece he did on set!  He brought great energy and gave us details about his future projects. Does his artwork look familiar? Maybe you’ve seen it in your town.

What’s a live show without good music? A musician, Fabian, played his original music at the show. He told us cool stuff about him and how he became a musician. Fabian’s music was inspiring and energetic. Seeing the performance live gave the audience a more uplifting and vibing experience.

The show finished off with news about upcoming concerts in Miami.  Since Colombus day was on Monday, the hosts then followed with a trivia game about Christopher Colombus. It featured cool unknown facts about the history of Colombus. The game featured 2 guests of the show and the winner received a prize. Do you think you can win? Come to our next show and find out!

This episode was interesting! It took place at a local bar with great partners, artists, and talented individuals. Miami has a lot to offer join our community by subscribing to our e-mail list or download our new APP to find out what when and where The Early Late Night Show will be next!

Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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