Tali Almog: Miami’s In Vogue Artist

Her art is splattered with bright colors, there are circular motions on the canvas that represent human energy, it is rich with encaustic wax, and prepped with multiple layers of resin. There’s a recurring theme of homage to greats, such as Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, and Albert Einstein. She was Born in Tel Aviv, where she started painting at the age of ten, and has continuously perfected her talent ever since.


But what really makes Miami based artist, Tali Almog’s paintings so special is how perfectly designed, edgy, and fashionable her art work is. Like the perfect pair of diamond earrings to complete an outfit, her pieces turn the normal, everyday living space into the most knowledgeable art enthusiasts dream. Tali’s showroom is like a runway, and her pieces are the couture worn by the models. This art makes a statement that screams not only glamour and luxury, but strong emotion and superior originality


Her talent is displayed in the homes of some of the most seasoned art collectors, including Hollywood elites, she has sold pieces from multiple upscale galleries around the world, and has been featured in numerous reputable events, such as Art Palm Beach, Art Hamptons, and Context Art Miami. Tali Almog’s intelligence, wit, and charitable efforts make her the perfect role model.


Her donations of artwork for auctions to support multiple foundations, including “Shuzz”, the “Sabrina Foundation”, and Miami based non-profit organization, “Project Sunshine,” only solidify her sincere and genuine nature. Tali Almog’s paintings are to the art world what Manolo Blahnik’s are to fashion…Luxurious, impeccably designed, and never out of style.

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