Wynwood’s Diana Lowenstein Gallery Features Cuban Artist, Lidzie Alvisa

From Havana to Wynwood’s Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Lidzie Alvisa is known as one of the most proficient artists of contemporary Cuban conceptual photography. Since her years of training at the Superior Institute of Arts, self-reinvention and experimentation have hastened Lidzie Alvisa’s development. While still keen on installations, her most recent work shows us the very edges of her conceptual concerns while still delighting us with new methods, techniques and media. Her work perfectly embodies this ideo-aesthetic and deeply personal quality that so characterizes it. The visual language she has developed reveals her philosophical biases while ruminating on deep, existential questions. 


My work in general tries to make a reflective look into sensitive topics, a kind of meditation that invites us to rethink the true essence of things,” says Lidzie Alvisa.”


The result is a body of work that resists sexist categorization or reductive generalization. Lidzie Alvisa has managed to masterfully weave together a feeling of universality with an incisive relationship to beauty. But you’d have to experience it for yourself and luckily you can. Always on the pulse of the most interesting and revelatory works of the Cuban contemporary art scene, the Diana Lowenstein Gallery is pleased to present their newest exhibition of over 35 pieces, Espejo de Lidzie, or Lidzie’s Looking-Glass, for the artists first ever exhibition in Miami, starting Saturday, September 10th at 6 p.m.

Image Imán by Lidzie Alvisa Jimenez

Well-versed and situated in multiple formal and theoretical discourses, Lidzie Alvisa has been recognized as an exemplary of a generation of Cuban artists from the 90’s. Since her first solo show Calar Hondo (1994), she has been specifically renown for a characteristic artistic maturity, innovation, authenticity and ingenuity. From photography to installation, Alvisa’s work reaches universal transcendence. In them, she questions social positions imposed by the race for life and survival; people who do not want to hear or see, the fight against time, the physical and biological and the insatiable race against a neighbor for climbing the ladder of life. The human body assumes different symbologies in this work that joins the use of pins, clocks and spurs – all metals, to set the stage for the projection of your thoughts.


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