#BTS of the Markowicz Fine Art

Today, I visited the Markowicz art gallery located in the heart of the Miami design district. The manager of the gallery, Rofaida Zaid gave me a tour of the space and showed me the pieces that they have. One piece that stood out to me was the American Flag made out of 100 dollars bills. I thought it was a cool piece and can be interpreted in various ways. My interpretation is that money is the main facet of American Culture. There is a numerous amount of artists in the gallery but my personal favorites are Kai, Boudro, Carole Feuerman, and Joel Moen. Not only was I able to see the art, but I was able to learn about how some pieces were made and the stories of the artists that create those pieces. One story I found interesting is that an artist named, Yayoi Kusama, used to experience hallucinations, so her past life connects with her art work. She uses psychedelic colors and shapes mind-blowing patterns. Visiting the Markowicz gallery was definitely an experience that showed me that art isn’t just a visual piece, but each piece has a story behind it.


Kai, #Kaiworldtour
Kai #Kaiworldtour


Carole A.  Feuerman, Butterfly #Hyperrealism


Formento & Formento, Smoking Nun Cinecitta 


Idan Zareski, Baby Foot #Bigfootfamily

Sofia Vazquez


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