Top Friday Night Hangouts in Miami

So it’s Friday morning and you want to know what are some things to do in Miami. You’re tired of the same spots and want to truly experience something new, meet new people and get the essence of the New Miami. Bypass the trip to the movie (or Netflix and Chilling) and go out and support some amazing culture that’s happening all around you. We put the work in, so you won’t have to. Here’s the MMM round up of the best things to do in Miami tonight!

For #Foodies

If you haven’t visited the Wynwood Yard during their Taste of the Yard experiences this a must try for the true Miami aficionado. Food trucks sure, live music sure, but sooooo much more. A little north of the Yard you’ll find a pretty dope collaboration happening at Phuc Yea that mixes their bonafide cocktail mastery mixed with special psyching readings and some deep grooves. Be sure to check out their tasty appetizers as they will make a perfect compliment to your ravenous desires under the full moon.


Live Music for Locals

Fridays are always great for live music in Miami! No matter what neighborhood you’re in like Wynwood, Little Havana or up and coming dopeness Allapattah there’s some undeniable homegrown talent that is sure to spark up your night. Top choice? Hmmmm hard for us to pick one. But if we had to…..hmmmm…..nah we’re not gonna pick one, we’d hop around to all of them! Now that’s a night in the New Miami!

Community Vibes

We gotta recognize the amazing pioneers that have built up the ‘Community’ vibes in Miami. From small businesses, passionate individuals to organizations like Prism Creative, The New Tropic, Refresh Miami and the Knight Foundation, community has come a long way through a lot of effort and LOVE! Ready to connect with the community? You gotta do it IRL, so put on your chucks and let’s meet!

Staying Healthy

You got 1 more day before the Weekend where you may or may not indulge so we want you to keep the mind, body and soul rocking! Wellness is a state of being not an activity but it’s easy to get there with a friend or a guide and that’s why we want the best for you as you build the New Miami with us! So whether you’re hitting that last Crossfit WOD, jumping on a bike ride or projecting out of your body, there’s a couple places we know that you would absolutely love to visit!

Art & Culture

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. If you missed the Sagamore hotel’s Salon debut last night you can definitely catch some great art and culture vibes at Pati Vargas’ monthly Viernes Culturales tonight! We highly recommend you get in the spirit and put on your guayabera and your favorite ‘Que Pasa en USA’ tagline as you salsa the night away on Calle Ocho, yes we still call it Calle Ocho!

Tech & Networking

Ok techies, developers and entrepreneurs we got one more day in the week to make it happen before we spend another 48 hours looking at our analytics, tapping into the feedback loop and iterating to see if we’re gaining traction. Apparently there’s a methodology to success and WeWork thinks they got someone that can tell us what that is. Finally! Let’s meet up, greet up and speak up. The New Miami is very tech, very smart and that’s super sexy!


For Pride month there is so many amazing activities happening. Whether you’re part of the super trendy GVSC boys club or find pleasure in more alternative persuasions it’s important to recognize a rainbow is ALL colors! So if you’re a unicorn, mermaid or any other fantastic creature it is imperative that you find your magic space and connect with the most colorful personalities in the New Miami tonight. Oh hey Sleeper, love the growth, this is going to be amaze meatballs!

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