Ski Masks, Bracelets and Julz

Miami’s fashion scene has been strongly tied with its summer vibes and beachwear couture. As a secondary market in the fashion industry it has been a leader with amazing events like Swimweek and an international destination but hardly ever recognized for it’s fervent collection of emerging young local designers. But with designers like Julz who are creating bespoke jewelry emulating Miami’s environmental culture, it is said that Miami is beginning to generate a buzz and unique fashion identity. While we can’t quite put our finger on it just yet we can identify who are some of the people that are paving the way with authentic, edgy and one of a kind designs. One of these people is Julz. Here are some fun excerpts from our podcast interview with her from last week:

  • Colombian-heritage.
  • Returned from New York after leaving Miami initially.
  • Spirit animal is a Black Rhino.
  • Loyal collectors of her jewelry are called her ‘Junkees’.
  • Weaves ‘dark’ and ‘dangerous’ elements into her design.
  • Focuses on creating show stopping pieces.

To hear the entire interview with Julz, listen to it at


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