#Sagamore Interviews Perez & Contreras

Sagamore Hotel Miami Beach will honor the works of two well-recognized female artists, Jenny Perez and Diana Contreras during an Art Talk on January 25, 2018, as part of the celebrated Urban Legends exhibit, showcasing the works of iconic and emerging urban artists. During this talk, guests will have the unique opportunity to hear their personal take on the current state of urban art in Miami and the challenge of being a female artist in the male-dominated urban art community.

Since its debut during Miami Art Week in December 2017, Sagamore has extended the Urban Legends exhibit through February 28, 2018 for the public to peruse at their leisure. The exhibition is on view at the hotel 24/7 and private tours with the hotel’s resident art advisor can be made by appointment.

Considered one of the most significant art movements of the 21st century, urban art, also known as “street art” began as unsanctioned art in public or private spaces, placed guerilla-style for the general public to enjoy.The artists often have a political or societal narrative and choose to use the streets as their gallery. The aesthetic of urban art often riffs on advertising, or logos with heavy use of stencils or other methods that facilitate it’s putting up. As urban art has become more and more mainstream, popular urban artists have had gallery and museum shows, commissioned murals, and pieces sold at record prices for new work.

The exhibit showcases some of the most influential names in the urban art community including  Jojo Anavim , Bambi, Banksy, MrD1987, D*Face, Demsky, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Romain Froquet, Inkie, Invader, Keith Haring, L’Atlas,Jenny Perez,Zevs, and more in partnership with numerous international art galleries, andcurated by Sebastien Laboureau, Sagamore Hotel’s Art Advisor, and urban art specialist.

If interested it will take place in the Sagamore Hotel Miami Beach, 1671 Collins Avenue,

Miami Beach on Thursday, January 25th at 7pm


Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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