Shades of Monique Lassooij

What project are you working on now?
Finishing small series of 6 Icons such as Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo, and even Marie Antoinette for Spectrum, 2 hand painted X-mas ornaments, and continue to work on a new series about siblings.

Woah, a lot of work! How has your work developed since the previous show?

I have been incorporating more color into my work. Besides working with my usual palette of 2 greys, a white and a red, I have added blue and silver to my work. I really like it and it adds another dimension to the work.

Feather Horn Beetles Monique Lassooij 2017

What’s the last show that you saw?

That was the photo exposition “The Sofa Show” by Sharif Slimting at the Swampspace in Wynwood.

Cool! What’s the last show that surprised you? Why?

Every show holds its own surprises; good and bad. The show that surprised me the most was a show with the works of Oskar Schlemmer. At that time I had not heard about him nor did I knew his work, but this show made me feel like a little child in a toy store.

What’s your favorite place to see art?

In The Netherlands it was early in the morning at the Maurits Huis museum… when the security still smells of fresh coffee. Here in Miami I like it best in galleries during the week. I go to openings but for me it is more a social event and – if it is the case it is somebody I know – to support the artist. But to really see the work, I like to go at times when a gallery is empty.

Petit nu

Ahh, nice. What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?

I don’t know… If anything, I have 4 brushes that I have and use for over 20 years, so I guess they are the most indispensable items I have.

Where are you finding ideas for your work these days?

Internet and more specific social media. It keeps me very much up to date with what is going on. Also, I find amazing reference material online like photo’s from around 1900’s.

Knowing Monique Lassooij 2017 (1)

Do you collect anything?

Yes, I have several pieces from local artists such as Aquarela Sabol, Ivan Roque, Registered Artist, and Jane Harris. Also from artists from the Europe such as Robin Coleman and Danielle Tunstall. So very contemporary. And then I have also the paw prints of a Hyena bought at an auction to support the Miami Zoo.

That’s awesome! What’s the last artwork you made?
Just finished the Frida Kahlo Icon for the Irreversible booth at Spectrum.

What’s the first artwork you ever sold?

Oh shoot… Long time ago.  It was a large panel (actually I ripped it off the back of a wardrobe, because I figured, who can see that it is missing… right?). I had made this abstract piece on it, with a lot of reds. Anyway, I was carrying this piece with a friend to his car, when the owner of a restaurant jumped out, asked me how much. The painting paid my rent and a bottle of bubbles.

No Strings Attached _ Monique Lassooij 2017

Cool story, love that! What’s your art-world pet peeve?

When people say “Ugh! I could’ve done that!” ….  yeah, but you didn’t.

True. What’s your favorite post-gallery watering hole or restaurant?

I love Cafe Creme in North Miami and not necessarily post-gallery. Otherwise… surprise me with wonderful food, good conversation and I am happy.

What work of art do you wish you owned? What would you do to get it?

If I could time travel, I would be so greedy. Flirting with Leonardo da Vinci or Caravaggio would probably not have the right result. I guess I would go for Van Gogh when he was in Arles. Pay for a month’s rent and a bottle of…

Monique Lassooij 2017

Haha. What international art destination do you most want to visit?

I think it would be the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City or the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. In both buildings I could sit for days… so much to see.

Who’s your favorite living artist?

First one that springs to mind is Michael Carson. I admire his technique. You can see that one brush stroke could change the whole expression in the face of the subject or the mood of the painting itself.  I love his sense of space, with or without decorative wall. His work literally takes my breath away

Sofia Vazquez


Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am currently a sophomore studying marketing at Florida International University. Intern for Midtown Miami Magazine.

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